who we are

Sarah Hagerty

As owner and lead photographer of Hagerty Photography, I’m thrilled to be able to do what I love for a living.  With formal photography training and a passion for fashion, I capture images that artfully blend style and sophistication with the raw emotion of the day.  I bring a professional, yet playful personality to each shoot, putting couples at ease on what can be a wonderfully jittery day.  My goal is to make the seemingly impossible shots happen without batting an eyelash.

What’s truly amazing about my job is that I continue to be inspired every day.  At any given moment, you might find me with a couple saying, “All right, we’re done for the day.”  Then something will catch my eye – gorgeous contrasting colors or a one-of-a-kind backdrop – and we’re on to the next shot.

When I’m not snapping stunning and dashing couples, I spend my time pursuing my other life passions:  motherhood (with three darling boys as spunky as I am) and caffeine (several Arnold Palmers, please).


Nick Hagerty

Nick is my second photographer, my go-to-guy, and my ambassador of quan (a Jerry Maguire reference, for my fellow rom-com fans out there).  We work side-by-side at weddings to capture every angle and emotion of the day.  His natural talent in both photography and graphic design result in undeniably edgy and artful images.

Nick is also my behind-the-lens moving man.  I’m not afraid to set a couple upon a table, ask you to climb a ladder, or move furniture around at a venue to capture an amazing photo that initially only exists in my mind.  With his moral and muscle support, Nick helps me to make this magic happen.

When he’s not playing the part of paparazzi at the reception, Nick spends his time making his friends feel intellectually inferior with his wealth of useless knowledge.  (Did you know that four of the last six presidents were left-handed?  Nick did.)


Every wedding is one-of-a-kind, and every couple has its own character.  If I’m going to tell your unique story with style and flair, I need to know what makes you tick.

I’ll spend a lot of time with you – from the initial meeting to the pre-wedding shoots, including engagement, bridal, boudoir, and more.  I’ll get to know your personal style, your likes and dislikes, and what you really want to see as you turn the pages of your wedding album. By the time you begin your happily-ever-after, I’ll be just as much your friend as I am your photographer.

Building this personal connection results in images that are stunning, yet natural; dramatic, yet true to your personality.


Inspired by your individuality and sense of style, I’ll bring a fresh approach to every shoot. I always have two photographers, two angles, and two perspectives on the scene, so not a moment will be missed.  With my distinctive eye for design and organic approach to photography, your images will be modern, yet timeless; elegant, with an edge; fashionable to reflect your unique style.

You have a vision for your wedding day – one that reflects your attitude and your artistry.  I’ll capture that vision with creative flair and confidence.  That’s my vow to you.

Look No Further

On the most ordinary of days, a fab wedding photographer can snap an image that will blow you away.  It’s all about the lighting, focus, and picture-perfect timing.

But this is no ordinary day.  This is a one-of-a-kind, in-the-spotlight, knock-their-socks-off-when-you-stroll-down-the-aisle kind of day.  This is your wedding day, and that calls for more than a fab photographer.

You need someone who can direct the crowd with confidence and humor; who can handle the split-second decisions that make the difference between ‘nice’ photos and spectacular photos; who can artfully capture the details and emotions that will mean so much years from now.  Well, look no further.


Award Winning Wedding Photographers

Based out of Arizona and The Bay Area, servicing all destinations
A big thank you to Gretchen Wakeman Photography for capturing our head shots!