Vendor Spotlight | Regina Osgood | Meant2Be Events | Wedding Planner

When I met Regina with Meant2BeEvents, we had an immediate connection!  The girl is whitty, charming, smart, super creative and the kind of person & event planner that I trust with our clients. I know that no matter what the day brings and what obstacle could arise – you are in good hands with Regina.

Regina and her team also keep everything in line.  She knows that we have our schedule and we are running with it.  (Sometimes I’m actually not running, but lying on the ground or shooting from the rafters, but you get my drift).  Meant2Be Events lets us do our thing, which is be photographers.  Regina works hard for her brides and grooms and also works hard for her vendors!

Check out this interview with Regina Osgood herself :

1.      How did Meant2Be come to Be?

My cousin who would describe herself as “granola” was the event planner for the city of Avondale…and when her boyfriend popped the question, she asked the “girliest” person she knew to help- me! And while I had my heart dedicated to nutrition, I was smitten with the process! My cousin urged me to look into the event industry as a career path.  Quickly after I quit my job of almost a decade at Jenny Craig and found a new home with an event entertainment company.  I knew I needed to get the inside scoop on who’s who and what’s what before I dove in head first.  After three years and several hundred weddings I had more than enough experience to launch Meant2Be Events.

2.      How are you inspired?

I love unique textures and color combinations. Sometimes that is a garden on the side of the road, and exquisite piece of jewelry, delicious wallpaper, and even the timeless icon can spark my imagination. And the best part about that is my fabulous clients seek me out for it…I have been brought lampshades, pillowcases, a pair of earrings, and even a rock to begin my designing for their event! M2B focuses on creating events that are a celebrated reflection of my couple both together and as individuals…so I am always looking outside of the box to exceed my client’s expectations for their experience.  No one comes to me for cookie cutter!

3.      Tell us about a cool new wedding trend…?

I am always looking at the runways. They will feature the next latest and greatest color combinations and details before they ever hit the event world..they are at least year ahead of what you will see in the wedding mags. My latest predictions for 2012 weddings:  Navy will be the new black. Fuchsia will be on the rise and Coral will make a big splash. Purple will fade out really fast after 2011. Our yellow and buttercreams will see their final sunset, and taupes will replace the very popular grays.

4.      What restaurant rocks your world?

I have to say I have been to some pretty amazing restaraunts in my time…but most recently I went to NOCA and had a fantastic meal filled with many culinary surprises! If you haven’t been- it’s a must go!

5.      What is your favorite part of  the wedding planning process?

Well if you hadn’t already guessed- the décor. Go big or go home is my motto. I want to drape it, bling it, wrap it, fluff it, suspend it, blow it up and rock it out!

6.  What elements do you like designing with most?

I am madly obsessed with fabric right now. With so many insanely unique fabrics available- why go mundane when you can dazzle? Although I would have to say I do have an addiction to decorating my chandeliers…I just can’t leave one untouched- they all need flowers  and jewels!  I feel like a kid in a candy store when I find out I can hang from my chandeliers!

7.  What can a client expect from Meant2Be Events?

Tons of laughter, a seamless process, stylish designs, and unforgettable memories- who could ask for more!?

A big Thank you to our friends at Hotel Valley Ho & Firesky Resort & Spa for allowing us to galavant around your properties and do what we do best!

September 28, 2010 - 12:55 pm

Michelle Reynolds - I love Regina!!! She planned our wedding almost 3 years ago now and it was the best experience! Our wedding was truly beyond our wildest dreams and the process was seamless. Hiring Regina was the best investment we could have made on our special day. Love you girl!

September 28, 2010 - 12:59 pm

Kristina Celik - I was lucky enough to have Regina as my wedding planner and what a blessing she was! Being in the industry, I was totally overwhelmed and she directed me through it all. She was the best thing that could have happened to my wedding. I know we would have never been able to pull off my wedding without her help!

Love you!
Mrs. Kristina Celik

PS: My husband (the groom in this wedding) LOVED her too!! Who can say their wedding planning process was a true dream? We can!